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Millennials are the single largest generation in the history of the United States!

There are around 87 million millennials throughout the country today. That’s a lot of people who will need to buy housed.

Around 70% of millennials still rent their homes, so 7 out of every 10 millennials are potential home buyers.

So how do we market to this generation?

Millennials want to buy their own homes, but in many cases, they are reluctant because they’re not ready financially. Many young home buyers are discouraged by the down payment that will add to their already daunting student loan debt.

As a seller, you can help encourage millennials to enter the housing market by offering value for their money. A great way to do this is to install smart technology in your homes. This is a great way to fascinate and engage your young buyers.

Here are examples of smart home technologies that millennials will love:

  • Smart, high-fidelity sound systems
    Music is an important element in millennials' lives. Sound systems for the home are nothing new, but modern audio technologies are extending ways for home users to access their music and enjoy them with better quality.

    Today’s Wi-Fi-connected sound systems allow users to control their playlists from a central device – like their cell phone, tablet, or laptop – and stream their music across the house.
  • Smart thermostats
    Programmable thermostats have been around since around the 1950s, but recent sensor-activated thermostats will help make your home more sophisticated.

    Smart thermostats can “learn” your temperature preferences based on how you use your heating and AC systems over time and, using sensors to detect whether you are at home or away, will adjust your home’s temperature accordingly.
  • Smart smoke detectors
    Have you ever had to turn off your old smoke alarm because it goes off while you’re cooking? With advanced versions, this is not a problem.

    Modern smoke detectors are “smart” enough to tell the difference between smoke coming from frying bacon and smoke from an actual fire. Plus, they can monitor carbon dioxide levels and overall air quality inside your home, as well as send alerts straight to your mobile phone or tablet in case of a legitimate emergency while you’re away.
  • Smart doors and locks
    Keys are a huge hassle. They’re easy to lose, difficult to find and they are a dangerous risk in the wrong hands. Now you can control your lock with your phone.
    Smart doors allow you to lock and unlock your house through the use of an app on your phone. You can also program additional users so they can access your security system using their mobile devices.