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One of the best ways to create success in a situation is to perform mental modeling. Pro athletes, navy seals, nobel laureates, successful CEOs and performance driven individuals use mental modeling to visualize high pressure, new situations before they perform them.

You might ask, what does all this have to do with mortgages? Good question. More than you might think. For a lot of borrowers, the mortgage process is new and can be daunting. And even for home buyers with previous experience, the home loan marketplace is constantly changing. Rates are tied to decisions made by the Fed...

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Comprando su primera casa es un gran momento. Te va llevar a relaciones duradas con tus vecinos y comunidad. Hay muchas decisiones emocionantes que hacer como en cual barrio vas a vivir, cual casa vas a comprar, distrito escolar y mucho mas.

Aqui estan SunnyHill Financial’s consejos para compradores de casa por primera vez.

Descifrar Cual Tipo de Casa Estas Buscando Comprar

Sonando en que tipo de casa quieres es emocionante. Entender que características quieres en tu primer casa es importante. Factores como el numero de baños y recamaras, el espacio en...

Why to Choose a Mortgage Broker for a Home Loan

Buying your first home is a great moment in life. It will lead you to form lasting relationships with your community and neighbors. There are lots of exciting choices to make like city vs. suburbs. vs. rural, which neighborhood, school districts, number of garages, views and more.

Here are SunnyHill Financial's tips on how to approach the first time home buying process.

Figure Out What Type of Home You Are Looking to Buy

Dreaming about what type of home you want and touring homes is exciting. Understand which features are most important to you in your...

What is an interest-only loan?

Many people enter into the mortgage process and are unfamiliar with the products that are available in the marketplace. Some borrowers are sophisticated and have been through the mortgage process before. Whichever category you fall into, it is worth understanding an Interest-Only ("IO") mortgage when you are looking at all the options.

Interest-Only loans are attractive to buyers wanting to save money on their monthly payments.

What Is An Interest-Only Loan?

An Interest-Only Loan is a loan where you pay only the interest portion of the loan at the...

What is an adjustable rate mortgage?

Adjustable Rate Mortgages, ARMs for short, got a bad wrap during and after the credit crisis, because many borrowers felt that they were not informed nor educated about the product when they purchased an ARM. It is important to work with a patient loan officer who will take the time to understand your needs, and educate you on any loan that may fit your needs. Google and internet searches can help in your education as well. Simply make sure that you are using a trusted source to gather your information

What Is An Adjustable Rate Mortgage, an ARM?.

With an...

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Natural disasters including fires, earthquakes, floods, and tornadoes have been in the news regularly lately.

Many homeowners are wondering how to effectively insure their homes against a natural disaster and how much insurance coverage they should own on their home.

This article should help you organize your thoughts about your home insurance options. To begin, there are three primary types of value that property holds.

Replacement Value: This is the estimated cost to replace a home and rebuild it from scratch. Replacement value can be influenced by several...