Meet The Owners Of SunnyHill Financial

CEO, Mortgage Advisor

  • License: NMLS #938852
  • My hometown is: St. Joseph, MI
  • I live in: Oakland, CA
  • What gets me going in the morning: A few cups of coffee and an hour reading to get my brain working.
  • ...

President, Mortgage Advisor

  • License: NMLS #1440931
  • My hometown is: Orinda, CA
  • I live: In San Francisco, CA
  • What gets me going in the morning: Triple Espresso and Taking My Dog Out For a Walk.
  • Favorite place in your home: Backyard...


  • My hometown is: Orinda, CA
  • I live: In Marina Del Rey, CA
  • One Thing You Can’t Do Without: The Ocean and the Outdoors
  • A place you’d like to visit one day: Greece and the...

Now that you have met the team behind SunnyHill Financial, let’s discuss some additional reasons why you WOULD want to trust your home loan with us:

1) No sales pressure.

We are here to listen, and give feedback and advice to the best of our capabilities. We know that the process of getting a home loan can be very stressful – There’s no need to add to it by being pushy. We give you the information and tools needed to make the best possible decision without sales pressure hanging over your head.

2) Personal touch.

One of the founders of SunnyHill Financial reviews each and every loan with care and precision. Sure, we’re a bit on the perfectionist side, but then again, when dealing with one of the largest investments you’ll ever make, this is a good thing. Bottom line is we will find a home for the loan whether it is with SunnyHill Financial or even with another company. (How many other mortgage companies can say that?)

3) Competitive pricing and fast turn times.

SunnyHill Financial prides itself on operating with minimal overhead, allowing us to pass these cost savings along to our clients in the form of lower rates and fees. (Admit it… You like the sound of that!) Our technology allows us to provide clients with top level and streamlined service throughout the entire process, which means quicker closings with less stress, hassle, and frustrations! In short, this means our entire focus is on obtaining the best loan possible for your situation, and then getting that loan closed as quickly as possible, with the least amount of hassle. Sound good? If so then click the link below and learn how much home loan you might qualify for: